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Level 1: Frontline Food Handlers

Gluten-Free & Allergen Program Training for Frontline Food Handlers

Allergen Control Group offers quick, easy and professional online training modules to meet the requirements of your gluten-free, allergen & food safety certification programs.

Corporate Packages

Optimize workforce performance and manage frontline employee training with our corporate training portal. Contact for savings and custom packages.

Modules 3 5 Unlimited
Users 15 30 Unlimited
Cost $1420 $4460 $11,200

Note: All packages must include the “An Overview of the Gluten-Free Certification Program” module and expire after 1 year.

Individual Modules


An Overview of the Gluten-Free Certification Program

CAD $34.99

This course provides an overview of the Gluten Free Certification Program along with simple strategies to help with gluten management in your business.
Risk Assessment

Introduction to Risk Assessment

CAD $34.99

The purpose of this training is to provide an overview of the risk management process and how it applies to your food business.
Understanding Food Allergens

Understanding Food Allergens

CAD $34.99

The Understanding food allergens module provides your food handlers with a basic guide to food allergens and how they affect “at – risk” food consumers.
Understanding Record Keeping

Understanding Record Keeping

CAD $34.99

Good record keeping is paramount for any business. It can help you to protect the business, measure performance and maximize profits.

An introduction to cleaning

CAD $34.99

The only way to prepare clean, safe food is in a clean premise. If you do not maintain a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation, food can easily become contaminated. This training module covers a basic overview of how to clean along with the equipment required, responsibilities and recognized verification activities.

An introduction to HACCP

CAD $34.99

Ensuring food safety has to be the most important aspect for any food business. The consequences of not providing safe to your customers can not only harm consumers but also your business. Food businesses world-wide operate under a food safety program which has been based on HACCP.

An introduction to pest management

CAD $34.99

The presence of pests within your food business is not a given. Failure to maintain adequate pest control may result in your business being subjected to a food poisoning outbreak, private consumer action or even being fined or prosecuted by regulatory authorities. This training module covers the hazards associated with pests, easy prevention strategies and reporting requirements.
Chemical Control

Food defense for food handlers

CAD $34.99

The food industry plays an integral part in protecting the nation’s food infrastructure. The aim of this training is to provide food handlers with a basic overview of food defense. The training also cover different strategies that can be applied to prevent key threats from occurring within a food business.

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