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Shop with ConfidenceTrusting the GFCP trademarks on product packaging reduces label reading and enhances your shopping experience by providing increased access to safe, reliable gluten-free products. The GFCP trademark provides the added assurance to consumers that products carrying the trademark have met stringent requirements for the manufacture of gluten-free products, setting themselves apart from all other products displaying “GF Marks” or making their own gluten-free claims.

Stop Reading Labels
No more shopping the grocery store perimeters or relying on unsubstantiated resources to find safe gluten-free products. Just look for a GFCP trademark on products and shop with confidence.
Safe, Reliable, Gluten-Free
The GFCP certification process incorporates more than testing protocols to ensure products are gluten-free. Using proven food safety standards and an unbiased certification process the GFCP delivers the only true global standard for the production of safe, reliable gluten-free products.
Endorsed by Leading Celiac Groups
The GFCP is proud to have the endorsement of leading celiac organizations around the world. These endorsements further validate the credibility of the GFCP standards, certification process and the overall benefit it provides to the consumer.

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