JAS-ANZ Accreditation

JAS-ANZOctober 12, 2018

The Allergen Control Group is set to introduce their Gluten-Free Certification Program to Australia and New Zealand, in an agreement struck with the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

JAS-ANZ will provide third-party accreditation for the Gluten-Free Certification Program to organisations providing third-party auditing and certification services to manufacturers and distributors. These audits will be performed against the scheme requirements to demonstrate the effectiveness of a business’s processes and systems in the production of gluten-free foods, drugs and other consumer goods.

Dr James Galloway (CEO, JAS-ANZ) said “The JAS-ANZ agreement will mean that businesses in Australia and New Zealand can supply consumers with gluten-free products that meet international standards, which are easily seen and recognised in the supermarket shelves.

“Ensuring that consumers have access to certified gluten-free products improves individuals and family’s health outcomes by providing foods that enable the management of Coeliac disease, affecting about 1 in 70 Australian adults.”

“While there is no cure, coeliac disease can be effectively managed with a gluten-free diet which allows duodenal mucosal healing and alleviates symptoms, reversing life-long illness and potential malnutrition.”

The Gluten-Free Certification Program will enable products to be labelled with the Gluten-Free mark on packaging. This will enable shoppers to quickly and easily see the products that have been certified gluten-free and differentiates products from the increasing clutter of gluten-free claims in the marketplace. The Gluten-Free mark provides confidence that the businesses have undergone rigorous assessment for compliance with these gluten-free standards.

The GFCP requires annual certification audits conducted by independent accredited auditing companies. Audits to certify suppliers of gluten-free products can be conducted at the same time as other food safety audits to provide certification to recognised food safety schemes based on CODEX-HACCP, such as BRC, SQF or FSSC22000. This third-party relationship is important in ensuring independence of the auditor and eliminating conflict of interest between the manufacturer’s relationship with the program, with JAS-ANZ ensuring the rigour and integrity of the third-party auditors is maintained.

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