Certification Fees

Certification Fees

Investment in the GFCP is broken down into 2 categories:

  • Direct fees payable to the GFCP include the application fee, annual facility license fee and annual royalty for use of the GFCP trademark.
  • Indirect fees including GFCP 3rd Party Audit fees payable to your auditing company and or any consulting/ training support and optional GFCP co-op marketing fees.

The details of each cost element are described below. If you have any questions relating to costs please contact a GFCP account representative.

Program Fees


$499 one-time

For more details about applying to the program and the application process click here.

Program License Agreement

Annual royalty fees are calculated based upon the total number of products (SKU’s) included in the program. Please contact the Allergen Control Group Inc. for more information regarding specific fees.

Program License Agreement (PLA)

The Program License Agreement defines all terms and conditions, including the annual facility license and product royalty fees, for the marketing use of the GFCP trademarks. This Agreement is executed exclusively between individual brand-owners, manufacturers, their designated representatives and the Allergen Control Group Inc.

The royalty fees permit brand owners to use the GFCP trademark on product packaging, brand marketing and in promotions. Brands also receive:

      1. Company, brand and product profile on the web-sites and social media platforms for:
        • Beyond Celiac (formerly the NFCA)
        • Canadian Celiac Association
        • Gluten-Free Certification Program
      2. One public press release, professionally written by an industry expert and distributed over the Internet, includes analysis and reporting of media “pick-up”.
      3. Portions of all fees collected are donated to Beyond Celiac (formerly the NFCA) and the Canadian Celiac Association.
      4. Portions of all fees collected are pooled into the GFCP marketing plans to help reach the gluten-free consumer.

Co-op Marketing to Reach the Gluten-Free Consumer

Consumer co-op marketing with the Gluten-Free Certification Program will ensure your brand message reaches the right target market, while communicating the correct message and at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns.

Please visit the Marketing page for more details on these programs.

Other Fees

Third-Party Audit

The GFCP requires a third-party gluten management facility audit be conducted by and a certifying body/audit company approved by the Allergen Control Group (ACG).  Third-party audits may be conducted in either a dedicated or non-dedicated manufacturing facility.

The GFCP has been specifically designed to minimize audit costs and provides a “one white coat approach”.  This means, when possible, the GFCP audit may be combined at the same time, with an existing third-party food safety management system facility audit (i.e., HACCP, BRC, SQF, IFS, FSQMS, FSEP, FSSC 22000, ISO, etc.).

The GFCP facility certification audit must be arranged and contracted directly between the brand owners’ manufacturing facility and the certification body/auditing company. Audit fees may vary depending on the auditing company, audit type, audit durations and facility size and location(s).

Contact an approved auditing company for pricing information.

Audit Preparation & Training

Depending on your level of “readiness” for a GFCP audit you may need to enlist the support of a third party consultant to help you prepare.  These costs vary based on how your current systems compare to the requirements of the GFCP.  If you require support to help understand how your current management system compares to the requirements of the GFCP, please contact one of the consultants listed here.