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BRC Global Standards Offer

Special Offer Valued at $2000 for BRC Global Standards Food Certificated Site

Gluten-Free continues to be the fastest growing free-from claim. In 2016, the global gluten-free food market was valued at 4.3 billion dollars and is projected to reach nearly 7.6 billion by 2020 and 79% of gluten-free consumers look for certification in their purchasing decision.

In April of 2018, BRC Global Standards acquired Allergen Control Group Inc, owner and operator of the Gluten-Free Certification Program and are now pleased to be able to extend an exclusive offer to customers to take advantage of the growing gluten-free market and improve their bottom line

If you are interested in learning more about combining the Gluten-Free Certification Program with your BRC Global Standards Food Audit, simply complete the below survey. As an added bonus, anyone who completes the form during the month of September will receive a code for 20% off the $499 application fee and 10 Free Gluten-Free SKU’s, a $2000 offer!

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