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Level 1: Frontline Food Handlers

Gluten-Free & Allergen Program Training for Frontline Food Handlers

Allergen Control Group offers quick, easy and professional online training modules to meet the requirements of your gluten-free, allergen & food safety certification programs.

Individual Modules


An Overview of the Gluten-Free Certification Program

CAD $34.99

The Gluten-Free Certification Program is a voluntary program that combines stringent, risk-based gluten-free requirements, with globally recognized food safety management systems. This course provides an overview of the Gluten Free Certification Program along with simple strategies to help with gluten management in your business.
Risk Assessment

Introduction to Risk Assessment

CAD $34.99

There has been an increase in the requirement to complete risk assessments on various food business activities as part of both regulatory compliance and third-party certification requirements. The purpose of this training is to provide an overview of the risk management process and how it applies to your food business.
Understanding Food Allergens

Understanding Food Allergens

CAD $34.99

Food allergies and food intolerances can be unpleasant, complicate life and in the worst cases, be fatal.  The Understanding food allergens module provides your food handlers with a basic guide to food allergens and how they affect “at – risk” food consumers.  Different strategies that can be applied within your business to keep ‘allergen safe’ are also presented.
Understanding Record Keeping

Understanding Record Keeping

CAD $34.99

Good record keeping is paramount for any business. It can help you to protect the business, measure performance and maximise profits. The purpose of this training is to provide you with a basic overview of record keeping for food safety compliance. We will also cover the key requirements for good record keeping.4.7

Corporate Packages

Optimize your workforce performance and manage your employee training program with our corporate packages. Contact for savings and custom packages.

Modules 3 5 Unlimited
Users 15 30 Unlimited
Cost $1420 $4460 $11,200

Note: All packages must include the “An Overview of the Gluten-Free Certification Program” module

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