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Gluten-Free status applies only to those products carrying a GFCP Trademark on the product packaging

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Photo of Arte & Vita

Arte & Vita

CertificationsRarely do you hear “great tasting” and “gluten-free” in the same breath. That’s our mission, our commitment at Artizan Fine Foods: to create delicious snacks that provide excellent nutrition for those pursuing healthy lifestyles. We start with the finest 100% natural ingredients. Prepare them in the honored traditions of the Mediterranean region, where our families originated. Foods nutritiously vegan, gluten-free and, yes, great tasting. Nothing artificial, ever. Perfect choices for the health-conscious and perfectly safe for celiacs. Enjoy!




  • Oven Baked Pita Crisps- Fresh & Original
  • Oven Baked Pita Crisps- Honey & Cinnamon
  • Oven Baked Pita Crisps- Roasted Garlic & Sundried Tomato

Pita Crisps

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  • Quebec – Louise’s Gluten-Free, Avril, Rachelle Bery, Fruiterie Val-mont, Tau Health Food Stores, IGA (select locations), Metro (select locations), Jean-Coutu Pharmacies
  • Ontario – Imminently
  • Elsewhere across Canada – stay tuned
  • Online –


Photo of Delicious Without Gluten

Delicious Without Gluten

CertificationsMiriam Pearl is the mom, recipe developer, and the entrepreneur behind Delicious Without Gluten Inc. With one child who suffers severe food allergies and both children with Celiac Disease she understands these challenges and has made it her business to provide healthy, delicious safe-to-eat foods. Delicious Without Gluten is a dedicated peanut/nut free, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free kosher factory specializing in soft and moist breads for retail and foodservice. What makes DWG different? You would never know anything was gluten-free! Miriam appears on BT Montreal, writes for Huffington Post and is an advocate for Gluten-free and allergen friendly baking.



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  • Baguette
  • White Sandwich Bread
  • Brown Sandwich Bread
  • Vegan Sandwich Bread
  • Cinnamon Raisin Sandwich Bread
  • Hamburger Buns
  • Vegan Hamburger Buns
  • Plain Bagels
  • Challah Rolls
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Panini
  • Pita
  • Breadsticks
  • Choc Chip cake loaf 55 g plus single serve
  • Tomato pizza regular
  • Tomato pizza vegan
  • 6-pack Breakfast Muffins
  • Chocolate chip muffins 6 x 65 g plus single serve
  • 6-pack Banana Choc Chip Muffins
  • Mini Choc an Vanilla Cupcakes No Color
  • Mini Colour Choc and Vanilla Cupcakes
  • Vegan Chocolate Mini Cupcakes
  • Vegan Vanilla Mini Cupcakes
  • Cookies/ 12 pack, 2 cookies individual sale
  • Pound Cake 520g plus single slice 74g
  • Carrot Cake 600g plus single slice 85g
  • Oat Challah rolls
  • Brownies by tray or single serve


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Photo of Glutenless Gourmet Inc.

Glutenless Gourmet Inc.

CertificationsGlutenless Gourmet is a family owned and operated gluten free food manufacturer, catering to this specific dietary and nutritional population segment in Ontario, Canada. At Glutenless Gourmet we are committed to supporting individuals with gluten dietary restrictions live an ordinary life by manufacturing gluten free, natural, high quality, delicious, and authentically tasting foods for everyday consumption. We are sensitive to this often disregarded population and have dedicated ourselves to serving their needs as well as educating the society about the importance and techniques of a gluten free life style.



  • Beef Ravioli
  • Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli
  • Potato and Cheddar Perogies
  • Chicken Perogies
  • Beef Eggplant and Mushroom Lasagna
  • Precooked Chicken Breast Schnitzel
  • Precooked Beef Schnitzel
  • Precooked Frenched Drumsticks
  • Precooked Chicken Breast Tenders


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Photo of Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein

CertificationsThe Ideal Protein Protocol is medically designed and consistent with evidence-based guidelines for long-term weight loss management and maintenance. The proven, scientifically researched, four-phase protocol features two key components: a 12 month stabilization period with lifestyle education helping maintain weight loss. It incorporates ongoing coaching, customized lifestyle guidance tools, access to educational, inspirational and interactive resources, and a plan that is outcomes-focused to maintain healthy, long-term results. The protocol tackles the root cause of weight gain – overproduction of insulin – by restricting consumption of sugars, carbohydrates and lowering poor fat intake, while maintaining adequate protein intake, preserving muscle mass.



  • Préparation pour pounding à la vanilla
  • Préparation pour pounding au chocolat noir
  • Préparation pour pounding à saveur de chocolat au lait
  • Gruau à saveur d’érable
  • Gruau à saveur de pomme
  • Préparation pour gelée aux framboises
  • Préparation pour omelette aux fines herbes et fromage
  • Préparation pour omelette à saveur de bacon et fromage cheddar
  • Préparation pour soupe aux champignons
  • Préparation pour soupe à saveur de poulet
  • Préparation pour soupe broccoli fromage
  • Préparation pour purée de pommes de terre
  • Préparation pour boisson à saveur d’orange
  • Préparation pour boisson à saveur d’ananas et bananes
  • Préparation pour boisson à saveur de bleuets, canneberges et grenades
  • Préparation pour boisson cappuccino
  • Préparation pour boisson au chocolat
  • Préparation pour boisson à saveur de pêches et mangues
  • Préparation pour boisson à saveur de pina colada
  • Préparation pour boisson à saveur de yogourt et de fruits sauvages
  • Préparation pour boisson à la vanille
  • Substitut de repas- Préparation pour boisson à saveur de chocolat (IDEAL FAST)
  • Substitut de repas- Préparation pour boisson à saveur de vanille (IDEAL FAST)
  • Substitut de repas- Préparation pour boisson à saveur de fraise (IDEAL FAST)
  • Substitut de repas- Préparation pour boisson à saveur de chocolat (IDEAL COMPLETE)
  • Substitut de repas- Préparation pour boisson à saveur de vanille (IDEAL COMPLETE)
  • Substitut de repas- Préparation pour boisson à saveur de fraise (IDEAL COMPLETE)
  • Vinaigrette Italienne
  • Vinaigrette Balsamique Classique
  • Vinaigrette Miel & Dijon
  • Sirop à saveur d’érable
  • Del Ideal


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Photo of Mi & Stu Foods

Mi & Stu Foods

CertificationsWelcome to Mi & Stu! If you’re looking for delicious wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, casein free, whey free, nut free & kosher foods, we’re so happy you found us! Feel safe & shop with confidence knowing that all of our products are made in a dedicated gluten, dairy and nut free facility. Bon appetit!



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  • Vanilla cupcake – individual
  • Vanilla cupcake – 6 pack
  • Chocolate cupcake – individual
  • Chocolate cupcake – 6 pack
  • Red velvet cupcake – individual
  • Red velvet cupcake – 6 pack
  • Brownie – 80g individual
  • Brownie – 4 pack
  • Brownie – 6 pack
  • Muffin – banana/chocolate individual
  • Muffin – banana/chocolate – 4 pack
  • Muffin – lemon/poppy individual
  • Muffin – lemon/poppy – 4 pack
  • Kaisers – 6 pack
  • Dinner Rolls – 12 pack
  • Scones – 6 pack
  • Brioches – 6 pack
  • Flax Bread / Pain de Lin
  • Seeded Bread / Pain Multigrains
  • Buckwheat Bread / Pain de sarrasin
  • Homestyle Bread / Pain Maison
  • Bean Salad
  • Vegetarian Pasta

Mi Stu

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Photo of Nairn’s


CertificationsNairn’s are an independent Scottish company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We sell a regular line of oat based crackers and cookies, and have recently launched a Gluten Free line of products. Consumers love the taste of Nairn’s cookies & crackers because they taste like the real thing. Nairn’s products are portable – unlike most other gluten free cookies & crackers. Nairn’s is SAFE for celiacs as all products are produced in a dedicated gluten free facility. Nairn’s oat cookies and crackers are free of GMO’s.
At Nairn’s, we love our gluten-free oats. We pride ourselves in carefully sourcing pure, gluten-free oats. Our farmers personally check for any imperfections in our oats and ensure proper care during the harvesting process. Every truck load of raw oats that enters or leaves the mill is tested every time. All of Nairn’s gluten-free products are tested using ELISA standards so you can enjoy our gluten-free oat range with confidence.




  • Gluten-Free Raisin Oat Cookies
  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Oat Cookies
  • Gluten-Free Ginger Oat Cookies
  • Gluten-Free Plain Oat Cracker
  • Gluten-Free Cracked Black Pepper Cracker
  • Gluten-Free Oat Graham Original
  • Gluten-Free Oat Graham Raisin
  • Gluten-Free Oat Graham Chocolate
  • Gluten-Free Oat Graham Ginger
  • Gluten-Free Whole Grain Oat Cracker


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Photo of One Degree Organics Foods

One Degree Organics Foods

CertificationsWe started One Degree Organic Foods because it’s our way of sharing our love of the and, its bounty, and the good health it naturally provides with as many people as possible. Food that tastes good and that’s good for you is everyone’s right, and it’s the way nature intended it. As a family-owned company, we go to great lengths to work with family farmers who cherish the earth in the same manner that we do, taking care to plant and harvest crops that are clean, holistic, nutritious, traceable and delicious.



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  • Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps
  • Sprouted Brown Rice Crisps
  • Sprouted Ancient Maize Flakes
  • Sprouted Brown Rice Flour
  • Sprouted Corn Flour
  • Sprouted Oat Honey Hemp Granola
  • Sprouted Oat Vanilla Chia Granola
  • Sprouted Oat Quinoa Cacao Granola
  • Sprouted Oat Cinnamon Flax Granola

One Degree

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Photo of Pasta Oggi

Pasta Oggi

CertificationsThe only company in North America that offers delicious, frozen fresh pastas and pizzas that are certified gluten free, peanut free and organic. We use quality ingredients that are organic and GMO-free, so you don’t have to choose between meals that taste good and feel good. Not only are we dedicated to making food that satisfies both your taste buds and sensitive dietary needs, Oggi products are quick and easy to prepare at home! So you can spend less time in front of the stove and more at the dinner table.

  • Artisinal Fusilli D’Avellino- Unstuffed Pasta (250g)
  • Artisinal Cavatelli- Unstuffed Pasta (300g)
  • Four Cheese Ravioli (300g)
  • Ricotta & Lemon Ravioli (300g)
  • 10″ Quattro Formaggi Pizza (450g)
  • 10″ Margherita Pizza (452g)
  • 10″ Deli Quattro Formaggi Pizza (450g)
  • 10″ Deli Margherita Pizza (452g)
  • Caprese Pizza (2 x 527=1054g)
  • Veggitaly Pizza (435g)
  • Croute de Pizza 10″ (250g)
  • 10″ Pizza Crust with Italian Herbs (250g)
  • 12″ Frozen Pizza Crust (300g)
  • Dough Ball (250g)

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Photo of Pineland Farms Natural Meats

Pineland Farms Natural Meats

CertificationsPineland Farms Natural Meats manages a beef production network, working hand-in-hand with over 200 family farms in our marketing region. These farms are invested in raising natural cattle under humane conditions. Pineland Farms Natural Meats delivers the highest quality and best tasting beef on the market by combining superior cattle with stringent Natural Protocols. From humble beginnings on the coast of Maine to its present day network of over 200 family farms, Pineland Farms Natural Meats’ goals haven’t changed – to bring the finest beef to your table, while partnering with family farms that value animal welfare.





  • Italian Style Meatballs
  • Swedish Meatballs
  • 32 oz. Homestyle Meatballs

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  • Northeast Region of the USA
  • Whole Foods
  • Hannaford Stores
  • DeCicco & Sons


Photo of Real Layers

Real Layers

CertificationsReal Layers is proud to introduce our Gourmet Buttercream Frostings in three delicious flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate and Maple. Our Ready to Spread buttercream frostings are of premium quality with an amazing homemade taste and just the right consistency for spreading or piping cakes, cupcakes and more. Real Layers buttercream frostings are made with 100% Real Butter and other quality whole food ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We are also proud to be 100% Peanut/Nut Free, Gluten-Free and Certified Kosher. Real Layers Ready to Spread Gourmet Buttercream Frostings – A convenient wholesome choice when baking!



  • Buttercream Frosting- Vanilla Flavour
  • Buttercream Frosting- Chocolate Flavour
  • Buttercream Frosting- Maple Flavour

Real Layers

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Photo of Spinato’s Fine Foods

Spinato’s Fine Foods

CertificationsFor generations, our family has passed down a passion for fine Italian cooking. Now you can start your own family tradition with our signature sauces, dressings, and gluten-free pizzas that are full of old-world flavors and the finest ingredients.





  • Gluten-Free Mozzarella Cheese Pizza
  • Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pizza
  • Gluten-Free Tomato Basil Garlic Pizza


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  • Albertson’s
  • Safeway
  • Vons
  • Sprouts Farmer’s Market
  • Market Street
  • Fry’s Food Stores
  • AJ’s
  • Bashas’
  • Gelson’s


Photo of Toad-ally Snax

Toad-ally Snax

CertificationsToad-ally Snax is a privately held corporation located in Bristol, Pennsylvania, thirty miles northeast of Philadelphia. Since incorporation in 1983, Toad-ally Snax has been manufacturing a quality snack food, trade named Choczels®. Choczels®. Toad-ally Snax now manufactures chocolate coated and drizzled, snack foods including pretzels, caramel popcorn, with branded names Choczels®, Hanky Panky®, Triple Play®, Popcorn Plus® and Sweet & Fancy®. Our commitment to quality and service has been the success of our company. We are dedicated to impact the national snack foods market by providing the customer with a quality product having excellent taste and a value price.



  • FREE-Totally Free Milk Chocolate Coated Pretzels
  • FREE-Totally Free Yogurt Coated Pretzels

Totally Free

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