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Gluten-Free status applies only to those products carrying a GFCP Trademark on the product packaging

Photo of Rice Crisps

Rice Crisps

CertificationsThe classic rice cracker, perfect for all snackers! Delicious and bite-size, Rice Crisps can satisfy the most serious
munchies. They are your low fat alternative to chips and crackers. Ideal for a lunch box, gym bag or desk drawer, they are also great for canaps, soups or dips. Flavours are BBQ, Cheese, Natural, Seaweed, Sweet Chili, Sesame, Unsalted and Wasabi.



  • NATURAL 100G
  • SESAME 100G
  • CHEESE 100G
  • BBQ 100G
  • WASABI 100G
  • SEAWEED 100G
  • ONION (3.5OZ) 100G
  • TERIYAKI (3.5OZ) 100G
  • UNSALTED (3.5OZ) 100G

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Rice Crisps are available across Canada and the US. Be sure to ask for them at your favourite grocery store.