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Gluten-Free status applies only to those products carrying a GFCP Trademark on the product packaging

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Freedom Foods

CertificationsFreedom Foods products are made in a dedicated certified allergen-free site in Australia. All products are free from Gluten, Wheat, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soy, Egg, Dairy and Sesame whilst also being Non-GMO Project. Every batch of food is tested for all allergens and this testing is then validated byindependent external testing laboratories. Freedom Foods is proud to be 100% natural and veryfocused on improved nutrition by ensuring low levels of sugar and salt, with higher levels of Fiber and Protein. The main ingredients used in our cereals are non-GMO corn, rice and sorghum, buckwheat, chick pea and psyllium.




  • Tropico’s Breakfast Cereal
  • Maple Crunch Breakfast Cereal
  • Corn Flakes Breakfast Cereal
  • Ancient Grain Flakes Breakfast Cereal
  • Pro-Teen Crunch Breakfast Cereal


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Where To Buy
All states of the USA. Please contact via our customer service email or phone toll free 855-909-1717.

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